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What I Do

Whether you're looking to rehab an injury, workshop a new movement practice, or receive individualized coaching services, I've got you covered!

New Patient Exam-$200

This 90 minute session includes a comprehensive health screening, physical exam, and initial treatment.


Physical Therapy Session-$100

This 60 minute session a full treatment based on exam findings and any modalities such as dry needling or taping. No upselling ever!


Strength Coaching Session-$100

This 60 minute session is all about YOU! Whether you're looking to workshop a specific movement or just get a general workout in, each session is based on your specific goals and abilities.


Monthly Coaching Subscription-$240--$960 p/month

If you're wanting a more in-depth coaching plan, this is the option for you. Subscription options include anywhere from 1 session p/week to 4 sessions p/week.


Online Coaching-$199 p/month

Looking for assistance with programming your movement practice? Look no further! Each workout is customized to your goals, environment, and abilities and includes specific parameters and tutorial videos for each video. Add comments, ask questions, and upload form-check videos within the platform and receive feedback on every workout.

Sliding scale options available for Medicaid patients


Thanks for getting in touch!

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